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Paving the Way to a Smarter City
Discover firsthand how ezMetr takes the bold next step towards smart urban mobility

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Live mapping & reporting for increased communication & safety

End-to-end digital solution with lower costs for drivers

Data collection & visualization through a cloud-based platform

Our suite of products


  • Next-generation digital meter platform
  • Enables dynamic pricing, shared rides, live mapping, and paired passenger apps
  • Lowers costs for drivers
  • Helps cities make smarter transit decisions
  • Available for iOS and Android


Use your device

Ability to use drivers' own device. No separate hardware and installation required.

Receive hails

Ability to receive hails direct from meter. No separate driver app on phone.

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Automatic Updates

Easy, automatic updates to meter without going to garage for calibration of hardware.

Low Processing Rates

Low credit card processing rates of 2.75% or lower.


No Fees & Charges

No installation and no inspection fees. No hardware insurance fees.

Built-in GPS

Auto Trip Manifests

Dynamic Pricing

Digital Receipts

iOS / Android

Passenger Console

  • A modern, interactive backseat console
  • Fast payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Instant digital receipts


Digital Receipts

via SMS/text, via Email, Via QR code.


Accessibility features, voice prompts, day/night mode, passenger controls.


Hail a Cab

All drivers in network available to pick up with in-meter integrated app.

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Free Estimates


Shared Rides


Frequent Rider Points


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iOS / Android


  • Rider-friendly application for e-hailing
  • Works seamlessly with ezMetr to create a fully connected, digital riding platform


  • A smart, cloud-based data management portal
  • Delivers robust data and reporting capabilities to help regulators and cities gain deep insights and transparency


Compliance & Regulations

  • All taxi trips recorded & stored.
  • Monitors compliance of local taxi regulations.
  • Consistent, digital receipts with trip detail.

Fair Structure

  • Ensures consistent taxi rates.
  • Conduct dynamic pricing changes easily.

Data & Insights

  • Single repository for consumer feedback, complaints & compliments.
  • Allows for ratings system across all providers, accessible by city.
  • Ability to share data with other city agencies and consumers.

Open API

Provides open architecture for 3rd party service providers to leverage the digital meter platform.

Flexible Technology

  • Low-cost, easy set-up.
  • Automatic app updates for feature improvements, regulatory changes & more without the need to go to calibrate at garage.
  • Enables future enhancements as taxi industry evolves.

City Programs

Ability to set-up driver programs for city services within the meter. (i.e. disabled services, WAV)

Accessibility Features

Voice prompts, day/night mode, passenger controls.


  • Comprehensive booking platform for dispatch, hotels, and restaurants
  • Book through one secure, connected platform

Discover the Benefits of ezMetr

  • A digital end-to-end transportation product suite
  • Live mapping, robust reporting, and API for data-driven decisions
  • All-in-one digital meter facilities easy hailing, web booking and dispatch combined
  • Low payment and processing fees embedded within ezMetr, complete with auto-generated manifests
  • Modern, friendly passenger experience with interactive backseat console and easy payment options

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